Permit Patty

#2. Permit Patty!

Why would you call the police on an 8 yr old who was trying to win a trip to Disneyland. Someone stepped up and bought that baby 4 tix’s to Disneyland.

But its amazing to me how people can do some shady stuff. Not just talking about her but to their kids. kids do sneaky stuff to their Parents. Family members being mean to their GrandParents, Teachers to students , vice versa, ETC…….

Until they are caught! Then they become so sorry. I believe if they would do stuff like someone was watching them all the time, they might not do 1/2 the stuff they do. That might be a way of helping them to stop.

I really dont believe they realize the damage, the fear, the anger, the hatefulness you instill in others, especially kids, when you hurt them.

Lets do better towards all ya’ll!

What do you think?