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Monique & Netflicks!

youtube up to date stories Monique explains why she felt that her and Amy Shuler should have been paid the same.Β  Listen to her story.Β  Oprah feels that she is very negative.Β  Oprah feels she needs to rise… Read More

Fake News!

youtube’s story In dealing with your sources and references you have to be technical and sure.Β  This story considered Fake news.Β  We all know that Prince Harry absolutely loves Megan.Β  So be aware of what you read and… Read More

Mr. Donald Trump and his Wall!

youtubeupdates Donald Trump Is now wanting to shut down the Whitehouse because of the Democrats are totally not agreeing with the division of Mexico and The rest of the states.Β  What do you feel about the wall?

Stevie J & Faith Evans Marriage!

Wendy WilliamsΒ Β  So what do you think about this?Β  Stevie J is something else.Β  All Those women on love and Hip Hop.Β  A Person is entitled to love who they want true enough, But sometimes to me when… Read More

Avisha Rasminda

Hi, I'm Avisha Rasminda. Twenty years old.