Showing Ways to get your M-Bag!

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! How are you today? I hope good. So of course I & researching LOL, Something I just love to to. I have been still checking out ways you all can get jobs, but also free stuff for you as well. For now let’s get these jobs for 2020! πŸ™‚

1. The first one today (12/11/19) on my list is,, this is a Premier clearinghouse for information on full time Internships and Volunteer Positions. You can target different Organizations to see what they have to offer. Like for instance, a program could deal with feeding the needy, or Foster Care, or The Homeless. You may be able to apply for a Volunteering Position with an Organization within their database. What is also cool is you can network with others as well to get a better feel of what you might want to do.

2., I am on Linkedin myself and I tell you I really love this site. There is nothing but Professionals on the site and I have also been lucky and met a few Famous People too. Being an Entrepreneur as myself It really has helped me understand the fundamentals of Business. Once you set up your account, and you post about what you do. The site picks up on it and begins to send you People & Jobs your way that are in the fields of interest that you have spoken about. So Cool! πŸ™‚ When you get a minute, please go and check it out. The People and Managers and Bosses and Entrepreneurs on there are really Professional. I Love It!

3., Now they use innovative Technology to learn about Job Preferences that you apply for. They find your interest and after you make a free profile of yourself, they ask what you’re interested in. Then you submit a legit working number and they will send text’s to your phone with different job offers. It is very informative and helpful. They send info on some really good job leads as well. They showcase trendy Companies and several different jobs in several different categories. You should really try them out.

4., Ok, So these Jobs is more geared towards Freelancers, and Employers that have project’s to offer. Freelance Workers can search for projects based on different categories, like Web and Software development, Data Science and Analytics, Admin. Support, Writing, Sales, Marketing, Designs, Creative Customer Service, Legal, Accounting, Consulting Jobs. Freelancers can also post their profiles and be found by qualified Employers. Make sure you check it out.

5., So to avoid scams and so many duplicate postings, Linkup might just be the site for you. They only post Jobs that are listed on an actual Company’s site, no guessing, no 3rd party hearsay. You might see listings here that you might not see on no other sites, job boards, or public post. When you apply for a job here, it won’t be to Linkup, NO! It will actually be to the companies themselves. Now you cannot beat that! :0

Ok, these are enough for now. I don’t want to overwhelm you all with too much too quickly. Now you have at least a total of 10 sites you can check out for a job. 5 here and 5 from the previous post. Good luck to you.

Sugar is Sugar and Salt is Salt, & if you don’t get a job, it is not my fault! HaHaHaHa! Get your hustle on, do not be afraid to get out and try, you got this.

Write in the comments below and tell me how your Job search is going. I really want to read about it. I really do care. Till next time, I’ll be Searching!

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