Loving you!

I cannot tell you how important it is to love yourself and just be good to you. Growing up in Foster Care was not easy. I Had some that Cared about me! Shout out to Mama Grime’s, Renee my foster sis, Lil Kim, Dude, and Michelle were my babies, Cuz Peg(My heart) Auntie Marlene, RIH ( My heart) Cuz Niecy a teacher baby! Love her. Cherry, vern, william, Leonard! Roz. I am still in touch with them. This was my Foster family that just loves me no matter what! 😏

Real family cuz Midge, Thresa, Lisa, Joann, Helena, Cuz ZZ,Derrick, Chella, Lottie, Keva, Cuz Shelia, Gloria, cuz San, All my aunt’s and Uncles. I thought in my mind I felt they were all my Sisters and Brothers. I love them all to this day! So I do know love. We were all close. My Mom had 10 kids. 1 died at birth I was told. My Mom had been abused by her husband (not my dad) she suffered a mental breakdown. From some hater that probably wanted her husband, or hell maybe by him? Someone slipped something in her coffee. I wasn’t there or born so I dont know. I do know from her stories of how they would go on the weekends and play cards at different friends houses. She said she looked down in her hand to see what she had, looked up everything was fine, took a sip of her Coffee , looked back down in her hand. She said I looked up to tell my husband how many books I had, and something hit her. She said everybody’s jaws hung low and hit the table like they were hound dogs. She didn’t know what happened to her. She was hallucinating by then from whatever, whomever put something in her drink. She began to scream and jumping around till someone called the police. They locked her up till she calmed down. Why didnt they take her to the hospital? I will never know! I have these VHS tapes of her. I wish I knew how to make them into DVDs and make copies. Anyway my Journey began years later. Ive always been told hush. Well I have a platform to tell it. But I think I will write a book! I dont know? But stay tuned, I always have a true story to tell you 😏

Anyway God has been there with me as my Journey began. How they found me is unbelievable but true! I will save that for another time 😏πŸ’₯πŸ₯‚βœŒοΈ

Hey if you know how I can get my VHS tapes turned into DVDs with copies, please let me know in the comments below!

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