Showing you ways to get your M-Bag!

Hey family how are you? Listen! 😏. I have not posted in a min. 1st With kobe and his daughter dying a week ago, on Jan. 26th. It made me reflect on my own life. Like it was totally unexpected, Right! πŸ˜₯! So you have to live life to the fullest. Learn to be kind to people and tying up loose ends with my family.

Ok so my job for today is a Cencus Job! Yesss

Listen on and so many sites like it, where do you think they got their info from. From A Census record. We today want to know who we are, who we are related to, and where we came from. I was born in one Place and moved to another. As so many has. The easiest way to keep track of you and where you went to is with the Cencus Bureau. So guess what. In the passed I was afraid to fill it out! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But Now I run a group on Facebook called, The Davenports are Here! I am a Davenport, adopted by My Moms baby sister right. Well because my mom wasn’t able to take care of us (9) kids, I had to grow up in Foster care. So as I got older, I wanted to know who I was. So I created the group and everytime I see a Davenport I would send them a request. I fiqured it would be so interesting to see who is related to who. So as I began to search Ancestry I noticed my Grandparents Census report. It showed where they were from and a list of all their Children, including my Mother. So now I get it. A whole lot of us would not know who we are with out it and our family stories. So here’s how to get a job with them and it pays really good!

Their Nationwide Help desk # is 1-855-562-2029

Website is 2020census.Gov/Jobs. Once your on the site if you scroll down a little you can put your State in. Also you can look at the rate of pay for your State and County. You will be surprised!

You get paid every week. There is work for 20 – 40 hrs per week. They do have office jobs, Supervisor jobs. The Majority will be going door to door, never inside for your saftey. You have to ask the questions on your script. Basically name, age, Their address and stuff like that. Then on to the next address.

Before you out your application, please, yake the time and read the instructions carefully.

Good luck, don’t be afraid just do it.

If your on Social Security, have a slight disability but tired of being home everyday or stuck in the house. You can make so much per month with a job. For more info on how much you can make and just to see what they have to offer call; 1-866-978-7842, TDD # for the hearing impaired is 1-866-833-2967. They have incentives for those that want to work.

Or go to Make sure you call & check it out and tell them Jazzi from Blog, We On 1’s Place To Be! Sent you😏❣️❣️❣️❣️

Until next time, I will talk to y’all later 😏

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