Showing You Ways To Get Your M-Bag!

What is up good people? So I am going to tell you what’s been on my mind.

So I know to become a good Entrepreneur the 1st thing I had to do was get on Social Media. This is a good way of getting your exposure to whatever it is that your trying to do. So I have compiled a list for you to explore. I believe that everybody is Social Media Savvy, but growing up you learned to never assume! Right? LoL! So here is what I came up with.

1). Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube & LinkedIn. Now I would say these 6 are must haves. Especially if you are Selling, Promoting, Marketing, and Networking. These are it.

Then my next compiled list is!

2). Whatsapp – more for overseas sellers

3). SnapChat- More for a younger crowd. (18 – 30ish)! More for sharing your pics.

4). Google – Make sure you have google. It is a must. It is your information Highway. Any and everything you want to know is on Google. You can get pay for ads thru Google. Look at sales statues, look at reviews about any business. So much more. Just go on there and explore. Make sure you have Chrome to work with as your browser.

5). Tumblr – It has a different community. I would say a little older than Instagram and Snapchat. So it has a different vibe than Facebook also. I notice when I am on Instagram and I get ready to share Products from my store, it is linked to FB, Twitter and Tumblr. More exposure is always good.

6). Reddit – Now this is not quite like Google but it is very informational. It is another site that has a totally different vibe. I feel its good to reach all different kind of Audiences. Especially when you are in sales.

7). Tic Toc is a newer one that is more geared towards sharing your own music.

8). Then you have so many things called a Podcast. You can use Spreaker, Radionomy, SoundCloud. You can sell your products, or just talk about whatever. You can teach something. Have fun, like create your own radio station and play your own music and find your own audience.

I just want to say, always have a balance. like treat your business like a job. Do social media in the day, try and limit your weekends. Learn to enjoy yourself. Learn to enjoy other people as well as yourself.

Well guys, that’s all for now. The main thing is to remember you are the prize, never feel pressured about anything. Luv y’all!

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