Showing you ways to get your M-Bag!

Listen I will be posting a series of things to do! You can also see them as well on my Pins on Pinterest, or my post on Facebook, Showing you ways to get your M-Bag. These are just words of suggestions on ways to get your M-Bag! (M = Money). It will be totally up to you to bring these words to life. 😏

One of my Mama’s Qlichies is “You can bring the Horse to the water, but you can’t make him drank! You got to want to do better!

Lets go!

1). You can create your own arts and crafts like Candles, Jewelry, lil toilet Paper holders, etc… Different seasons are always coming. If your good with your hands, instead of Cigarettes or unnecessary stuff to buy, go to the dollar store & by 20 or 30 Easter Baskets, bags of candy, Chocolate bunnies. Your choice. Some lil nik nak games, toys, coloring books, crayons. Spend maybe 50 or 60 of those tax dollars. Buy garbage bags cause you will always need them. 35 count. Take the ties out and use them on the cellophane paper when your done, to close your baskets up or staple them close. Don’t forget the chocolate eggs, the fake eggs and throw some money in them, change, a couple dollars. Oh they will be looking for you next year! 😍😍😍

Watch how you be blessed! By giving. Sell your crafts on Ebay, Craigslist, Esty.

2). Hey go to www. like I did, right! Start off with the free plan and once your comfortable and you get serious with Blogging, then go to the next plan. WordPress has Woo Commerce, A sales platform and get you A store. Of any kind. A Niche is an idea thats selling. Like a particular catogory or Product and sell it. Make T-shirts from off of Teespring or Plentiful an design your clothes and sell them. Its really so much out here! Just explore & be creative. πŸ€—

3). Become a Podcaster! Everybody doesn’t like to write. You might have trouble spelling, trouble with wording, putting them all together. whatever the case may be! Everything is not for everybody! It does not make you less than at all. You have to do you baby! Add Grammarly of you have to, hey it helps 😍. You can download some apps like Radionomy and have your own show! Also Spreaker and Sound Cloud to name a few! Talk about whatever is on your heart. Just Don’t be disrespectful with it. I mean you can , but who is gonna listen? or come back if you are? Just food for thought! Talk about injustices if you want. Just stay in control😞 Remember, this is your show, so represent you good😏 Learn to help someone! I help you, you help me, so on & so forth!

4). Flip your Thrifts! 🀩🀩🀩.Β  Sooo! Listen, you can go to The Salvation Army, St Vincent’s, Or the Area Thrift store. Shop for cheap, look for some nice clothes, furniture, nik naks, kicthen ware, etc… and wash it up make it look nice and smell fresh and Resell the items on Ebay, Esty.Β  Look, go to the free section on Craigslist, if its decent, hey get it, pick it up, if its reusable, if its not dont waste your time and gas. Sell something that you would want! Ya feel me? 😏 Sell your items on Let Go, Facebook Market Place. Instagram.

Last but not least!

# 5). You can build apps. Go to the Playstores, there are a few apps now that will teach how to code, and from there you can build an app, you can charge, or have ads that pays for your app or if its free like others, incorporate app purchases. Try app builders. Also if your creating websites for others start with GoDaddy.Com,, or for starters.

Well thats all for now! Today is Wednesday, 3/04/2020. I will be back in a couple of days with the next 5!

Don’t rub nobody the wrong way, but love them the right way! 😍

Peace ✌️

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