Good Morning Beautiful People! πŸ₯° So I was watching the News this Morning and The 1st round of Stimulus Money has been sent out. If you filed and received your Tax return for Direct Deposit, Check your account your Stimulus check for $1200. Should be there. Yea! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

If you did not file direct deposit The next set of checks should be sent out no later than this Friday.

If you want to track your refund. I was on the site. You go to
Make sure the site has .gov on it.
You have to read.

Go to where it says for filers.
Then hit the blue box that says get my payment.

The system is overloaded so you might have to wait to get to the site.

You will need Your Birthday, SocSec#, and it might ask you what your refund was for 2018 & 2019. Only you would know that and your tax preparer. There are a whole lot of scammers out there so just answer for your saftey.

Then the site can let you know if or when your check has been sent out. I tried to call and that didn’t help me but here is the info;

Get my payment
You need Birth Date
Social security Number
Current address
Possibly the amount of your returns for 2018 & 2019.

IRS telephone # is

After the spanish talk press 1 for english. Listen to the prompts. Nobody will answer the phone.

You can try the phone but I think you will do better on the website.
Hope this helps. Remember if you filed direct deposit call your bank or check your account. Only 1200 will be there. From my understanding the extra 500 per child will be added as a extra credit when you file taxes in 2021!

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