Family & It’s Many Variations That End up Creating Our Journeys!

Our Journeys & All Its Dynamics

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So on this past Sunday or Saturday I believe My Mom’s baby sister passed away. She was the last of the Mohicans! As another one of my Aunt’s used to say! LOL

I am #8 from the top and 3rd from the bottom, out of a tribe of 10 kids. 1 dying @ Birth.

My mother’s name was Margret, God rest her soul. My Step-Dad had a tendency of fighting my Mother a lot. I have her on camera telling the story of how she first lost her mind. The Story was told of how her and her husband went out on a Friday night. They enjoyed going out and playing cards. So they got to this one house, and according to the story, I kinda gathered that it was a friend of her husband and his wife. Whoever the Woman was, as she fixed them some coffee it sounds like there was something else slipped in my Mother’s drink.

As she begin to drink, she said she would look at everybody and they were fine. Laughing, talking, she would ask her husband how many books do you have. He would tell her and then he asked her what did she have. She said she looked down in her hand, taken another drink of her coffee she said I probably have about 5, well as she said possible 6 her head came up.

She said and Janet I thought I was seeing things. She said everyone at the table, their jaws all hung down on the table like as if they were all hound dogs. She said I have never seen anything like it before in my life.

She said I jumped up and started screaming. She said some were laughing at her. She said you know, come to think of it off-camera. The Woman that fixed the coffee seemed to be laughing the loudest. She stated, I just could not get myself together. My husband tried to grab me and his friends and I was hollering so bad that someone ended up calling the police on me. She said they must have given me something cause I think I went to sleep.

When I woke up she said, I was in a jail cell. She said she woke up screaming and couldn’t understand how she got there in jail. She said she took her panties off and tried to wrap them around her neck. Someone screamed and they came running in the cell and removed my panties and took them from me. She says, that’s the first day that I remember when I went crazy.

I wished I knew who that women was that slipped my mama something, trust and believe her behind would of been all of ours.

My Brothers and sisters caught hell. We didn’t get to grow up together. We all ended up being taken away from her and this is where my story begins.

This is a true story of my life the way I seen it unfold in front of me.

God has truly bought me a mighty long way. Once you read some of my stories the you will understand why I want to help others so much. I have always been the underdog according to the way others have treated me. This is not some sob story but look at it as my testimony. Yes!:)

Come back tomorrow as I write some more. So at the end of this story I want you all to participate and suggest what I should do ok?

Please comment and let me know you are here with me! Thanks:)

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