Part 2 of Our Journey’s

Ok! I am back! I am so sorry to keep you all waiting.

So my Mother was not able to take care of us. She had an very abusive husband. I know I was scared of him. When I would see him as I got older and would come home to visit from the girls home, My hairs on my arms would stand up. The story was told about me from my Cousin’s and Aunt’s. At That time they lived on a street called Riopelle, then on to Beaubien St.

My Grandmother, Mrs. Davenport had all the kids come in from outside to talk to them one day about some of the things she had been hearing from her neighbors about what was going on next door. She was talking to the kids in the kitchen. One of my older sisters kept being ancey, jumping up and down, couldn’t keep still. My Grandma kept asking her, What is wrong with you?

My sister was almost crying saying, I got to go next door and get my baby. Now of course they thought she was talking about a Doll. My Aunt’s were saying be still. My Mother had been in and out of the Mental institute. My Mom & her husband was at the house were they lived next door. My Grandma was a very strong women. She was a strong Black Women, full of wisdom. All of our family has always been kinda clairvoyant so to speak. We see things supernaturally, feel things, have dreams as warnings of good as well as bad. My Cousin said my Grandma looked at my sister real close and said go next door and get the baby She told my Aunts to take her with you, my sister she was talking about!

A few minutes later my Cousin said, They had a baby so small that she looked like a little bird. Well that bird! Was me!

My Grandma asked my Aunts well where was she? My other brothers and sisters were in the house as well but were so afraid of my stepfather that they did nothing for me but one of my sister’s did anyway. That’s why my other brothers and sisters were called in the house to talk to Grandma because of the screams, & crying her and her neighbors had initially heard.

My Sister had knew Mama had me and had came home from the hospital but about a year later My stepfather had tormented the kids so bad, Him and my Mom was arguing everyday and he was also hitting on her. I guess from the pressure she ended up having a nervous breakdown. So when she went to the hospital, we were all left there with him. They said he drank a lot so all the madness just kicked in.

My brother was made to put hot sauce in the kids mouths, he didn’t want to but didn’t have a choice. Me and one of my other brothers wasn’t my stepfather. After years of abuse, she went into the arms of another man, who was nice and kind, my dad. When her husband caught wind of it, he would sweet talk mama and she’d fall for it and her and all the kids would come back home to him. My Grandmother didn’t want her to but Mama felt she was doing the right thing by trying to keep us together. Once she got home, they said he would beat her, he would sling my brother around by his feet and make him hit his head on the radiator.

When they found me that day. I had to be rushed to the hospital, my sister tried to protect me by wrapping me up in blankets and hide me under the baby bed, and feed me muddy water, she didn’t know what else to do! My stepdad was trying to starve me so I would die. She would sneak me water, Milk if we had it. Sometimes she said she would have to go outside and get some dirt, put it in my bottle with some water and feed me.

Tears! I honestly wish this was fiction.

Anyway! Thank God I had a Grandma who knew how to follow her first mind, or else I probably wouldn’t be here today. This happened in the sixties. Its So crazy, of how such cruelty can come from one person and can try to destroy the lives of so many! (The Jazzi 1)

So I went to the hospital and all of my other brothers and sisters were taken from the home and we all had to go into foster care.

This is really hard guys. There are so many adventures to my story. I was writing this now because, well My Aunt which was my Mother’s blood baby sister, her and her Husband adopted me. I don’t know who was worse? My Aunt or my Stepdad. That is a whole nother story which I will get into later. She just died I believe it was either Sat or Sunday , either June 27th or 28th, 2020. I didn’t know how to feel. She was my Mom/ Aunt. Everyone wanted to know was I going to the funeral. I didn’t know? You were raised to always have respect for your people. Your Family. But what if they were abuser’s? Would you go?

This is so real So I ask you, Strangers for an honest opinion, What would you do? I will get into some of the stuff I had to endure later Because of these things I had to endure, I ended up becoming an advocate for others who don’t have a voice. I used to have my own tv show called We On 1.

I have some copies of the shows on youtube. Please Follow & Hit like and subscribe and watch please. Mslovemovies is the name they are under.

This past saturday I helped a family look for their son and someone else’s son. Both had a bad outcomes. But that”s what I do. My heart always feels compassion for others and what they go through.

I have always feed People, my neighbors, & Strangers from my own kitchen. I was hungry at one time, so I never wanted to see no one else hungry.

So I look forward to reading your comments and Soon I will be writing more. At the bottom if you would like to donate to my blog you can send me a donation thru Paypal to it helps me to buy apps to make my blog better for my readers. I do a lot of research for my blog on here called Showing you ways to get your M-Bag. I find resources on here and my group on Facebook as well with the same title, I just try and help others in anyway I can as far as resources. I do give God all the honor for everything that I do!

I have a group on facebook where we are looking to see who is related to whom. It would be nice to find more relatives or for them to find others of their own as well.

That really broke me down to write about this. I have always asked God Why did I have to go thru so much? I guess it’s part of my Journey? I look forward to talking to you soon, so leave me A comment.

Whew! Once I start making Money It would be nice to be able to hire a few people to help me. I do a lot.

God Bless You!

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