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In our situations we have been in with Covid 19 and all, I believe it is ok to actually start thinking outside the box. Nothing is guaranteed at all. Lives have been lost, fightings, misunderstandings, businesses of brick and mortar are closing at a very high rate lately. We have been seeing injustices of Police brutality, a Nation fighting amongst itself. Nothing is for sure right now. The Way I see it, we have to begin to make our own way. So I constantly research and try and find ways for you to get your M-Bag (your money bag)!

At this point thinking outside the box is actually a good idea at this point. Like try something new. Something you thought you could never do. Take for instance one of my Daughter’s. Now she is the baby girl, but I had to step back and kinda put the law down for her. I let her know at the age you are, in your 20’s, you have got to get up and try new things to do. Temporary agencies was not working for her!

Well I don’t think I can work good around a lot of people She said! But! LOL, Baby when her back was against the wall and rent was due, this store I walked in one day was looking for Cashiers, Hey I suggested it to her, she really didn’t have a choice at that point, she over came her fears and tried it. The customers love her and she is doing so good on the registar. It is her first time doing this, so me and her siblings cannot stop praising her because she got up, got out, and tried. Right now, I feel for some of you that might be what your gonna have to do.

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Here are 5 Websites you can go on and search for a job that you might like. I have named a few of these before in another one of my Money Blog Post. I will be adding more as I go along. Here is 5 for now!


These are good, honest, and free to search. While searching I want you to have an open mind. Again, it is ok to think outside the box. Try something new. Listen everyone always has an opinion about what you doing. You have to be strong enough to hear your voice and what you want over their voices.

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Listen to what you have to say! After all you are the one paying the bills right? πŸ™‚

Stay encouraged, be happy, be motivated, and always keep God first in all you do! You cannot go wrong. So until next time think about getting educated with some classes that do not cost a lot, try a new career. I can show you how in my next Blog but I can’t make you want to succeed! That will be entirely up to you!

Peace out till next time of —– Showing You Ways To Get Your M-Bag!

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