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Oh Wow! What is good people! πŸ™‚

Talk to me, What’s good. I have been on a extreme journey. Listen, I have been looking for a job myself. LOL!

I tried Amazon and I really believe that, that job at the Distribution Centers are for the Young at heart hunny. Real talk, hahahaha. So back in 2018 after being transferred to a Different Costco. I got hit by a car & from there because the circumstances, I retired.

Now me, I am not the one to just sit around and get a check, even though that’s what I had to do. So I started my businesses. The Jazzi Spot Boutique. and my blog that you are on now, We On 1’s Place To Be. I have always loved being able to provide resources and help people, so I felt this would be a great opportunity to do so. Creating me a blog.

In my Journey I have learned to not try to force events in your life, but to let them happen.

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I am learning to trust the process of life. This is where faith comes into play. What is faith? It is what it is, really nothing deep at all. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Even thou physically you cannot see the results, Believe that they are there. I have so many experiences of this to be true in my life. Boy! do I have some true life stories. LOL

This is one! So I tried to work at Amazon right, recently. The first time I signed up to work there was last year, 2019. Got Hired! and I broke out with shingles. Never knew what they were. It was like a rash on my underarm and my back. The rash really hurt real bad. The doctor said that they can outbreak anytime from stress, or whatever, especially if you had chicken pox when you were a kid. I did. Like I said I heard of them but never had it, Shingles. I remember getting the vaccination when I was a kid. So It was kinda contagious they said especially to kids. Well I didn’t want to packing product with it and take the chance of infecting a kid somewhere down the line. So I quit. Took my medicines and used the old skool calamine lotion and got my shingle shot. I am good. Ish you go thru when you get older LOL!

A year later, this year 2020! I apply and get hired again to be a Warehouse Associate. The first day of training We stood for about an hour. Just standing there, Someone fell out, then we walked around the bdlg. and stood another 1/2 hour while they made up their minds of what they were gonna do. I couldn’t understand why in the world didn’t they have all of this prepared before we got there? Then Our station was on the 3rd floor right. OMG! Now this is my first real job after being hit by the car and having 2 knee surgeries right! Why our station was up on the 3rd floor! Now they have an elevator but of course we couldn’t use it, No! We had to walk up 3 flights of stairs and then stand another hour & 1/2 during training. We had begun to do plunges, leg lifts Hahaha. OMG! I was so tired. So we were taught our work stations which consisted of standing, then lunch time. We had to walk back down the 3 flights of stairs. Walk to punch out and most of us, including me went to our cars for lunch. I had some snacks in my car. Grapes, a lunchable, A water. I was so tired my butt only drank the water.

Ok so back from lunch, we walked to the other end of the building and had to walk back up the 3 flights of stairs again. Ok now my Asthma done kicked in and of course I had no inhaler with me. Hey!, who would of thought that I was gonna get worn out before I even really got to work? LOL

I was so winded and tired I ended sitting down on this ladder they had just trying to catch my breath. LoL! I worked for about another hour and a half and told my Manager that was training us, I CAN”T DO NO MORE.

Now mind you it was mandatory that our first 2 days of training we had to work 11 hours. Are you serious? LOL, Well I ended up resigning that night. I couldn’t do it and then this was not what I wanted to do for years to come. So you could call Human Resources and talk to them. I did because I honestly felt bad for giving up. Sometimes we get embarrassed or are harder on ourselves then others are on us. I run a Boutique store and my sales were a bit slow, so I broke down and tried to get a job just to make ends meet. I am from Detroit and we are true hustlers at heart. Go getters. So to have to give up is truly not an option for me, especially raising 6 beautiful babies by myself. Oh I have felt I can do anything after that. LOL! So here I am forcing the situation by not giving it up. They put me on leave for a minute until I could get all my paperwork right!

So the next day I was getting ready to sit down and go through my emails and I heard God’s voice in my head, clear as day, its ok, resign, let it go. Not being humble and listen, I still tried to hold on. So I went to make an appointment with my doctor so I could get a restriction paper and found I owed a balance. My Insurance paid so much and then I had to pay the rest. I had a primary and a Secondary insurance so why do I have to pay anything? Me still trying to force the situation. Listen! When God says no, you have to learn to understand that its for a reason. God will allow the Universe to bless you with something even better and something that you can do. So finally when Amazon’s Customer called me back like a week later to tell me they can place me on a leave of absence till I can get the paperwork, I told him no baby I resign. He said are you sure, I said yes, it is not meant for me to be here, I cannot get all the paperwork in in a timely manner so I am gonna just let it go. He said ok. I tell ya! I felt so relived when I let go! Real Talk!

Sometimes when God doesn’t want you to go in a certain direction, obstacles will aries to gently guide you in the way that your suppose to go in. You! Me! have to trust the process totally.

I pray that my true lift experiences will help someone along the way! We On 1 Baby and I want you to make it through life as uncomplicated as possible. Know This Is The Place To Be if you want to hear true life stories, cause baby I got them. Until then I love you and keep your head up. You the Ish and do not ever let anyone make you feel any other way! If you enjoyed my story, let me know in the comments below and send me a coffee donation LOL! Look 5.00, Or whatever you want to give on my front page at the bottom right. Send it to my PayPal and Thank You!

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