Thanks Karolina for the pic😏

Hey Fam! How are you? Listen I had to make a Post today! Today The Government has opened Tax Season up!

That’s right! I know I am happy Baby! GeeshπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’―

Ya girl has been researching, OMG so much stuff I have. I have resources, Jobs, and Right now I am actually writing an EBOOK about my Covid-19 experience. Its good and interesting and I am keeping it real with you. Hopefully I will be able to finish that soon and you will be able to buy that right here.

Listen I help you out in a lot of ways and I will continue because lets face it! It is hard out here for so many people, Look! Including me. People facing evictions, can’t feed their Families, Bless your heart! So anything I can do to help! I’m here, Lets face it We are in this together! Period- you are not Alone babyπŸ’–

Thank you ATC for the Pic!

Before I tested positive for Covid, I was laid off work to. I had been fighting to try and get unemployment! That was denied but in my book I will tell you guys what happened. Hey I am a go getter at heart. I have honestly shed a few tears. But the key is getting back up and get back in the fight. You tired? Well get some rest, because this fight is not over just yet! You better hang in there. Oh I am so serious. Look just like you I have to figure out how to make Money to! I got bills to pay hunni just like you. Baby! We are truly in this together. I hold your hand, & I need you to hold mines!

Thanks Lukas for the Pic!πŸ’–

That’s exactly why I created We On 1, LLC. We are in this together as 1! Me for you & You for Me! Hey! Lets make it work! I really do care about you. I can give you resources which are coming soon. But you are responsible in applying them to your life! Pick up the phone, calling, talking to people that can help you! Not giving up but trying to stay patient when put on hold! Not being frustrated and taking it out on your loved ones or the person that’s closet to you. Its damaging to them and it hurts them. You might be sorry after the fact, and even say sorry! But that don’t take the pain away. Especially to a child. I feel like someone is going thru it. Know, Trust & Believe God got you! It will be alright. Normally right before that Blessing, there is always a storm ragging!πŸ’―

Thanks Frank Cone! For the PicπŸ’–

But if would just believe! Baby! God will see you thru! Alright I am not trying to Preach!😍😍😍 Just bringing some Hope, Love & Inspiration to you.

Thank you for being here! Love you allπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

The Jazzi 1!

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