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So The Job I have for you Today is Fema! With all the natural Disasters going on right now! Especially in Houston with the Ice Storms

So you have to go to

Thank you Pexel/Lisa Fotios

So hopefully you can apply between today and tomorrow.Β  Today is 2/21/2021. Sunday.

First I want you guys to know that anything with .gov is an official site.Β  I also want you to know that there are quite a few Perks to working with the Government.Β 

They are offering Permanent Full time jobs, that some are on call response recovery or FEMA Reservist ( on Call).Β  Its all on the site.

So on your device go to the website So as you do you will see descriptions of basically what you will be doing. There will be 3 bars that will say Permanent Full Time, PFT Positions and Reservists Positions. Click on Permanent Full Time. It states that you can be hired through a competitive process that includes application & an Interview.

Thank you FauxelsπŸ’–

So you can apply to the field work by emailing your Resume to,

Another reference to look at is here you can search through current FEMA jobs positions that are uploaded daily.

So last, I want you to Scroll all the way on the bottom of the page after you hit Permanent Full Time Jobs right! And you see a lot of Job Postings. Most are actually due tomorrow but they upload daily. Now dig they are not playing right. Look; A Civil Engineer makes between $103,690 – $134,798 a year y’all!

A Human Resource Specialist can make any where from $87,198 – to $113, 362. Wow a year.

So as you can see! There is some real good money to be made. Hey! If your able, willing, can travel when needed to different states to assist in Disaster Relief , I say go get your Money- Bag Baby! Unfortunately these jobs are only for the USA!

Good Luck!πŸ’– You Got This!

I can help with Updating your Resume or helping you get one together for a Fee!

I wish you all the Best! Be blessed and good luck! Don’t forget to leave a donation if you can and a comment down below, I love hearing from you! Until next time, Peace Out!

The Jazzi 1!

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