Execute and Don’t Give up!

Good Morning Everyone! Its been a Minute since my last post. I do apologize for my inconsistency but while Trying to help you all with resources and Side hustles and info about jobs, I ended up needing one☺

So I took on a part time job to help with my bills. I was always tired, went to the Doctor and found that I was a Type 2 Diabetic. So I had to learn yo eat healthier, get my rest, get used to some new medications and keep my stress levels down because I guess along with that my blood pressure was always up. Basically I was doing to much. Listen I pay for my website and I am working with some developers to create a better website so I can work more smarter and less harder.

I want to say that I started my site in May of 2019 in Media School and I had no Ideal that it would still be here in 2021, going into 2022 soon and my page is continually growing. Today is November 16th, 2021 and I promise you I will personally move that big Daffodil off my front page. It was cute to me but it made it hard for you to read.

You see life is trial and error. I make mistakes just like any of you. We are totally human!😍😍😍 I want you to encourage me as I you! This is a very supportive platform and I am so grateful for that. I am teaching myself Graphic Designs because even though I seek help when needed, I also am a hands on type of gal. I am trying to finish up my next Book, I want to showcase other people’s and Companies products, I want to continue to provide free resources and info on Ways to get your M-Bags. I feel like we have become a small community family and I love it. I love and appreciate your Comments. So I still will be posting from Time to Time. More consistently starting January of 2022. Periodically from time to time now!

This video is about consistency, staying postive, staying true to you and growing! The video creators name is Mr. Eric Thomas. He makes motivational videos almost everyday! I share this video from off of Facebook. You are welcomed to follow him if you need a positive uplift to feed your spirit. I love you guys! And until next time! This is. THE JAZZI 1! (ENJOY)


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