SHOWING YOU WAYS TO GET YOUR M-BAG!!!Black-Owned Business Assistance | Coalition to Back Black Businesses

So they are giving out $5,000. Grants to a Small Black Business that was impacted by the COVID epidemic. Unfortunately I did not apply because yes I was affected by COVID twice but I do not employ no Employees. So I did not qualify.

Also I’ve learned from the other shiasters that went to prison for falsifying their info for the EIDl & the PPP loans, That lying baby is not worth it at all!

A whole lot of people went to jail hunni!

Thank you Kindly Image @ Pexels πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

So please keep it honest and keep it real baby cause I really want you here with meπŸ’–

For more grant info you can go to

Hello Alice is a site that I’ve been on for a min. They service all kinds of grant info as well as there own grants. Go there, do your research and apply.

Hope this helps!πŸ’–

The Jazzi 1!

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