Debt Relief | Application Confirmation | Federal Student Aid


Listen You know I look for all kind of ways to help you to save money! Yasss hunni😍. Well here you go. Get your application in now. It took me 5 minutes to fill out my application literally! They say Beta Testing because so many need the help that they believe the system might be flooded. So they are trying out to see what it will be like when they officially

Their site explains that once you fill out the application that you won’t have to do it again. So Listen! Don’t wait around till the last minute to fill out your application because with these kind of things, nothing is ever set in stone. Especially with all these different entities & lawmakers steady trying to take this from us.

So you betta jump in now and get it filled out. If they need any other info they will notify you later but it ask you your name, Birthday, soc security #, email, phone #. As long as you fall into one of the qualifying categories, re enter you name and Birthday and hit submit! That simple and they will notify you if they need more info through your email at a later time.

So I got mine in! Of course I do not mess around baby with stuff like this. Now go get yours in!

My confirmation note from my Debt Relief Student loan application!

You know I love youπŸ’―πŸ’–πŸ€—and will always keep all of you in on the loop!

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